Indie Game Music Bundle 3 now available

Following the success of the first and second bundles the Indie Game Music Bundle team is now offering up a third collection of stunning game music! For as little as 1$ you can get the bundle containing soundtracks for Terraria, Plants vs Zombies, Dustforce, Ilomilo and Frozen Synapse.

If you spend more than 10$ you’ll also get a mix of soundtracks and game music inspired albums, in addition to the above mentioned five soundtracks. The bonus albums and soundtracks include; Offspring Fling, Noitu Love 2, Cardinal Quest, inMomentum, Impeccable Micro, Bluescreen, Beautiful Lifestyle, Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar, Deorbit and Gungirl 2. There are also additional items for the top ten “contributors” (those who donate the most money) which include signed vinyl’s, cd’s and artwork.

A portion of all purchases will be donated to charity so in addition to getting a fantastic deal you’re helping some people, what more could you want? The bundle is available for the next 14 days so head on over to the website and get your bundle now!


About Piers Lock

A gamer for almost 20 years, the PC being his current platform of choice. He primarily exists to be overly sarcastic and overly pessimistic at the same time. He can be found being grumpy and getting mad at things on twitter @OhGodWhatDoIDo .