iGame Music Bundle available now

It’s that time again! Well, it’s not exactly the Indie Game Music Bundle 4 you might have been waiting for, but it’s just as good. For the next seven days, head on over to gamemusicbundle.com and name your price for a bunch of iPhone/iPad game soundtracks.

If you’re familiar with past Game Music Bundles, then you already know how it works – spend as little as $1 and you’ll receive DRM-free access to five soundtracks. Contribute $10 or more and you’ll be able to download an additional six soundtracks, with the potential for more soundtracks to be “unlocked”.

So far, here’s the full list of soundtracks available:

  • Horn – Austin Wintory
  • Squids 2 Wild West – Romain Gauthier
  • Puzzlejuice – Big Giant Circles
  • Globulous – zircon and Jeff Ball
  • Organ Trail – Ben Crossbones

For $10+ contributions:

  • Aliens Incursion – elmobo
  • Wyv and Keep – Luke Thomas
  • Fight of Angels – Dain Saint
  • Mecho Wars HD – Sean Beeson
  • Polymer – Whitaker Trebella
  • iBlast Moki 2 – Romain Gauthier

With enough additional sales, two additional soundtracks will be unlocked: Super Stickman Golf and Happy Street.


About Tyler Cameron

Tyler is a longtime gamer and videogame music fanatic who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. Now living the dream in the land of dairy (Milwaukee) he has taken to showing the world just why videogame music is so darn great. A diehard Red Wings fan, cat lover and cereal connoisseur, his passion and enthusiasm knows no bounds.