Indie Game Music Bundle 2 out now

Late last year some music makers for indie games decided to get in on the charity bundle action. They put together a collection of soundtracks from popular indie games, let people pay what they like, and gave a portion of the proceeds to charity. Like the game bundles of the same ilk it was pretty popular, so they’ve decided to do it again!

Indie Game Music Bundle 2 is now on sale, you can pay as little as $1 dollar and those who pay below $10 will receive five albums. These include Aquaria, Sword & Sworcery, To The Moon, Jamestown and Machinarium. For those willing to pay $10 or above you’ll get a additional nine albums in your bundle, with another mystery album to be unlocked after 8,800 sales. The additional nine are: Shatter, 8-Bit Pimp, Mighty Switch Force, Cat Astro Phi, Passcode, Machinarium (Bonus EP), Tower of Heaven, Eternal Daughter and charity compilation Songs for the Cure.

For the top twenty highest contributors there are even bigger bonuses with many physical versions of the albums, prints and “miscellaneous gifts” coming their way. Check the official site to find out more and we definitely suggest you put down the cash for this bundle, the soundtracks included are outstanding. You’ve got just over a week to make your purchase!

Source: GameMusicBundle via Destructoid


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