Track of the Day: Dustforce – Cider Time

It’s a good thing anytime news breaks of a game being released on more platforms for people to enjoy. In this case, Hitbox’s 2D sweep’em-up platformer Dustforce will be out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in January. Previously, the game was only available on PC and Mac through Steam, but the good news about the game’s release on consoles came from Capcom Unity’s Chris Antista yesterday.

Of course the deal is sweetened even more by the fact that Dustforce‘s wonderful soundtrack will be heard by more ears. Performed by Terence Lee, AKA Lifeformed, the soundtrack is inspired by chiptunes and SNES-era RPGs. If you need any more convincing than that, just listen to the full-length album at Bandcamp, where you can purchase the whole thing for $3.99.

Cider Time is one of my favorite tracks from the album, along with several others, which made it extremely difficult to pick just one for today. In the end it was the simple, uplifting melody offset by the thick beat that won me over and got stuck in my head on repeat.


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