Pay what you want for Game Music Bundle 5

Game Music Bundle 5 is available now, and patiently awaiting your purchase of up to 19 different soundtracks and remix albums. This awesome bundle includes some of the best and most recent soundtracks of downloadable games, and for just $1 you can own:

– Monaco – Austin Wintory
– FTL – Ben Prunty
– Fez -Disasterpeace
– Gunpoint – Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda, and John Matz
– Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded – Austin Wintory
– World of Goo – Kyle Gabler

Putting down $10 or more will unlock Level 2 of the bundle, which includes:

– FZ: Side F – Disasterpeace et al.
– FZ: Side Z -Disasterpeace et al.
– Monaco: A Gentlemen’s Collection – Austin Wintory et al.
– The Forge – Austin Wintory, Malukah, & Tino Guo
– Hero of Many – Trickster Arts
– Marble Time – Calum Bowen
– Super Panda Adventures – James Dean
– Anodyne – Sean Hogan
– Anodyne Remix – Sean Hogan et al.
– Frog Fractions – Jim Crawford
– Little Inferno – Kyle Gabler
– Me and My Dinosaur 2 – David Saulesco
– Drox Operative – Tori Kamal

They’re a beautiful thing, these game music bundles. It’ll be around for 12 more days, get it before it’s gone forever!


About Tyler Cameron

Tyler is a longtime gamer and videogame music fanatic who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. Now living the dream in the land of dairy (Milwaukee) he has taken to showing the world just why videogame music is so darn great. A diehard Red Wings fan, cat lover and cereal connoisseur, his passion and enthusiasm knows no bounds.