Track of the Day: Mass Effect 2 – Tali

The Mass Effect 2 soundtrack took some getting used to for me. Coming from the first game, I was spoiled by ME1‘s heavily synthesized, faux-Blade Runner style of music, which (to me) fit the game’s universe perfectly. ME2‘s score was much more orchestral, and I was initially somewhat let down.

That feeling dissolved as the game quickly stole my heart and won me over with its diverse and emotional range of music. From the cold beauty of “The Illusive Man” to the gut-wrenching desperation of “Suicide Mission”, this soundtrack has a type of music for every character and every emotion conveyed within the game. Composers Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, David Kates and Jimmy Hinson did a marvelous job cementing ME‘s universe within my list of all-time favorites.

The track “Tali” stands out as one of my favorites from the ME2 score because it not only features the heavily synthesized sound I loved so much from the first game (*drool* at 2:20 in), but enough orchestral movements to keep it exciting, different and most of all, memorable.



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