Pre-order Fez soundtrack now, get 6 tracks to whet your appetite

The long-awaited Xbox Live Arcade game Fez is near release, which has garnered a lot of attention from indie developers and fans alike during it’s lengthy development cycle. Fez’s soundtrack has also been the topic of much discussion, and in tandem with the game’s unique visuals of 2D/3D perspectives and Escher-like optical illusions, features beautiful, ambient-styles of music with a twinge of chiptune layered throughout, giving it an appropriate video game-y feel. Pre-order details after the jump.

Composed by the artist Disasterpeace, the Fez Original Soundtrack is available for pre-order here at the composer’s website. It’s a name your own price kind of deal, which starts at a minimum $4.99. Not bad for a 26-track album.

Upon preordering, you will receive six tracks to download immediately before the full soundtrack’s release on April 20. You can also listen to the six tracks before pre-ordering to get an idea of the full albums’s quality and style. People who pre-order will receive an email the moment the soundtrack is available for download.

Once again, the soundtrack will be available on April 20, while the game will available on XBLA  on April 13 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).


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