New Soundtrack Releases: Jesper Kyd’s State of Decay, Olivier Deriviere’s Remember Me

It’s been relatively quiet the last several weeks as far as big, new game releases go, but this week saw two major releases: Remember Me and State of Decay. Both are highly anticipated titles featuring big-name composers, and each have vastly different sound than the other.

Out today is Undead Lab’s State of Decay, for Xbox Live Arcade and PC. The soundtrack is composed by the always-excellent Jesper Kyd (Assassin’s Creed II, Borderlands franchise, Darksiders II) and is available on iTunes. The score has 21 emotionally draining tracks, ranging from demoralizing post-apocalyptic melodies of decay to hopeful tunes and acoustic guitars.


Also available now on iTunes is Olivier Deriviere’s soundtrack to sci-fi game Remember Me. This is a very unique soundtrack with a sound to it unlike any other. Instead of going for a faux Blade Runner-style of music, Deriviere used a special recording process to electronically enhance the orchestral score, giving it a sound that is both organic and electronic. Let this behind-the-scenes video explain:



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