New jams from The Protomen, Armcannon, Mega Ran and more on MM25: Mega Man Rocks

If the OC Remix album For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man we reported on earlier doesn’t get your blood flowin’, or just isn’t enough Mega Man music for you, then perhaps MM25: Mega Man Rocks will fill that void in your life.

This rockin’ salute to Classic and X features several new tracks from The Protomen, Arm Cannon, Mega Ran, and The X Hunters, and is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Sumthing Else.

Not a bad way to celebrate 25 years of Mega Man, eh? Two amazing albums paying homage to one of the greatest videogame franchises of all time. Thank you, Capcom, Sumthing Else Music Works, Brett Elston at Capcom Unity, and of course the artists themselves for all their amazing work bringing us these albums!


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