Celebrate Mega Man’s 25 anniversary this fall with two tribute albums

Earlier today, Capcom Unity’s own Brett Elston announced details regarding two tribute albums celebrating Mega Man’s 25th anniversary, coming this fall.

Elston, a large proponent of videogame music himself, has been working closely for months with videogame music remix community OverClocked Remix, and Sumthing Else, a leader in licensing and distributing videogame soundtracks, to make this project happen.

The first album, titled For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man, will feature a talented team of remixers coming together for an album similar to Blood on the Asphalt, a Street Figther 2 Turbo remix project. The second album, titled MM25: Mega Man Rocks, will be released through Something Else and feature six popular live acts (with some original work!) which are: The Protomen, Arm Cannon, The Megas, Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, and X Hunters.

Check back for any updates regarding this awesome project, and expect the music to be featured on the site when it’s available.


Source: Capcom Unity


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