Resident Evil 6 soundtrack now available for download

After almost one year since its release on consoles, Resident Evil 6‘s soundtrack is now available thanks to Capcom.

The original music score for RE6 was created by an experienced team of composers including Thomas Parisch and Laurent Ziliani, Daniel Lindholm, Sebastian Schwartz, as well as Capcom veterans Kota Suzuki (Resident Evil 5Devil May Cry 4), Akihiko Narita (Resident Evil 5Devil May Cry 4Lost Planet: Extreme Condition) and Akiyuki Morimoto (Monster Hunter 3Lost Planet 2). The score was recorded with the Sydney Scoring Orchestra at Trackdown Studios in Australia.

The official soundtrack release features more than two and half hours of music across 34 tracks. And as of today, is available for download from iTunes and


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