“Maestros of Horror and Sci-Fi” Panel at New York Comic Con 2012

If you’re as excited about video game music as we are, you’ll be excited to know that a slew of composers will be visiting New York Comic Con to speak at a panel. On Friday, October 12th at 12:15 PM, the Con will feature a panel, titled, “Maestros of Horror and Sci-Fi Music.” The panel will feature noted video game music composers, such as Jason Graves (Dead Space), Kevin Riepl (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gears of War), Sam Hulick (Mass Effect trilogy), Cris Velasco (Mass Effect, Tron: Evolution), and Tom Salta (From Dust, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands). The event will also feature Nile Rodgers, producer of the Halo 2 and Halo 3 soundtracks, and it will be hosted by Daniel Kayser of GameTrailers fame.

If that isn’t enough to be floored about, the composers will also be doing a meet and greet afterwards, where fans will be able to get their CDs signed and hopefully chat and spread some adoration around. Here are the exact details so you don’t miss a thing:

Panel: “Maestros of Horror and Sci-Fi Music”
Location: Room 10A1, Javits Center, NYC
Date: Friday, October 12th
Time: 12.15-1.15pm

Composer Meet & Greet / CD Signing Event
Location: Booth #1075, Javits Center, NYC
Date: Friday, October 12th
Time: 1.30-2.30pm

Official e-poster for the event: download

Source: Top Dollar PR


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