Choice Soundtrack of the Day: Chrono Trigger

Most gamers who lived through the 16-bit era will namecheck Chrono Trigger as some of the best video game music ever composed. That is unless you’re me, I somehow skipped Chrono Trigger until the recent iOS release. But let me tell you the Chrono Trigger soundtrack is some of the best music ever composed, video game or otherwise.

Composed mainly by Yasunori Mitsuda, with some tracks from Final Fantasy soundtrack composer Nobuo Uematsu, the soundtrack is a masterpiece of game music. With tracks that range from almost comically whimsical to dark and moody the range on display is more than one could ever hope for.

To kick things off we have the titual track, the first piece of music you are likely to hear upon starting the game. This particularl piece plays on the attract screen, previewing many of the games characters and events. With its upbeat drums, synthesized horns and general feel-good nature it sets the tone for a grand and fun-filled adventure to come.

The music which plays during a lot of the games boss battles is a great example of the many tracks which you will hear repeatedly but somehow never get tired off. The fast paced beat gives an urgency to the battles which really helps to keep you on your toes during those tense active time battles.

A perfect example of a character theme which captures the spirit of its subject absolutely. Full of bombast and heroic swelling with just enough of a medieval twist, it is as wholly unique as the Frog-man it represents.

Now this one is a bit of a personal pick, I stayed up till about 5AM in my bed because I was hooked by Magus’ Castle. Then came the battle with Magus himself, which is where this particularly piece of music plays. Combined with the visuals of the setting and the battle itself this music made an already epic situation feel like the most important conflict between good and evil I’d been a part of. It will forever give me chills and remind me of being hunched over my iPhone in bed at 5AM, loving every second.


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