Beats From Earlier Days: Chrono Trigger

Everyone and their (gamer) grandmother remembers Chrono Trigger, one of the most celebrated RPGs – and games – of all time. This title is rife with great tunes, but one sticks out for a specific reason. And that reason will come later.

Today’s featured track is simply called “Robo’s Theme.” It represents a character players meet early in the game, and one that fans remember fondly. But in regards to the music, how’s about that drum intro? Maintaining the same rhythmic pattern throughout the whole tune, it’s distorted kick drum effect suits its 8/16bit depiction of a mech romping around.

Once the melody kicks in though, the entire representation of Robo becomes clear in that he isn’t just some soulless machine, but an actual character with personality.

However, have another listen to the melody. Doesn’t it sound… familiar?


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