Rad Remix: Grimecraft & GameChops – Aquatic Ambiance

DJ and producer Grimecraft returns to GameChops with this epic remix of the beautiful “Aquatic Ambiance” from Donkey Kong Country!

It’s hard to believe that after more than 20 years, this Super Nintendo classic still gets remixed regularly. Here, Grimecraft’s remix fits into the “party mode”, so if you’re looking for a chill, coffee-sipping, book-reading kind of song, this might not be what you’re looking for. Whip this out at parties, though, and the less informed might not even realize it’s from a video game. Thick beats, epic bass, and pretty dreamy melodies throughout.

Give it a listen above, and check it out on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Also, check out our Donkey Kong Country soundtrack overview from January, 2012!


About Tyler Cameron

Tyler is a longtime gamer and videogame music fanatic who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. Now living the dream in the land of dairy (Milwaukee) he has taken to showing the world just why videogame music is so darn great. A diehard Red Wings fan, cat lover and cereal connoisseur, his passion and enthusiasm knows no bounds.