Halo 4 Soundtrack Remix Contest announced

Halo 4 Sountrack

Attention aspiring composers: think you’ve got the chops to make music for big blockbuster games? Here is your chance to prove it. Microsoft and 343 Industries (Halo’s caretakers in these post Bungie times) have revealed a remix contest for the Halo 4 soundtrack. Check out the announcement video below and then grab your plasma rifle and head over the official site for details.



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Chris is a lifelong gamer who was born in Buffalo, NY, grew up in Dallas, TX, and now resides in Brooklyn, NY with his awesome wife. He is a commercial music producer and composer trying to break in to game music with his own small business 1000 Miles Music (http://1000milesmusic.com). Also, one time, he stayed up way past midnight. @Chris1kMM