Game Music of the Day – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny‘s final expansion, Rise of Iron, is out today, and with it the much anticipated soundtrack.

Since Destiny‘s release two years ago, fans had many things to say about the game as it evolved into what it is today, both negative and positive. The soundtrack, however, has seen almost universal praise since release, even as new themes were introduced over the game’s several expansions.

The Taken King was the franchise’s first major departure in terms of music, which featured a much darker overall tone than what was previously heard in the game. With Rise of Iron, the music takes a different tone yet again, this time with a much more heroic one. As snippets of the music trickled out until release, many fans noted how similar certain aspects of Rise of Iron‘s music sounds to Halo. Choir chants, thundering percussion, electric guitars – it’s all there. Have a listen for yourself below, featuring several excerpts from the game’s soundtrack.

Stay tuned for a full soundtrack review, as we’ll dive a little deeper into some of the tracks and examine them a little more closely. Until then, feel free to purchase the soundtrack from Bungie’s store. At 22 tracks it’s only $7 and comes with a digital code for a unique in-game emblem.


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