Track of the Day: Left 4 Dead – Main Theme

PAX Prime is over and left in its wake are thousands of gamers ravaged by PAX plague, myself included. As I saunter through my house in a fever dream-like state, the main theme from Left 4 Dead comes to mind. Aside from being the perfect theme music for someone in my state, it’s a theme that evokes immediate emotions and memories from playing the game and surviving endless droves of zombies.

Few game themes actually have a recurring theme to them anymore, much less one that is instantly recognizable and evocative like L4D‘s. The dreary female voice, the dread piano melody – all of it just sounds like being sick, and makes you feel like you’re in a place that you desperately don’t want to be in.

An official soundtrack release from developer Valve never officially existed, but there are plenty of YouTube uploads of the various themes and cues from the game. Also, anyone who owns the game on PC and possesses some skill could go into the game’s files and extract the music files themselves.

Now excuse me, while I try…not to turn…into a……braaaainnssss!

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