Stumbled Upon: ‘Video Game Music Challenge’ iOS Game

Chances are you haven’t heard of a little iOS game called Video Game Music Challenge 1 available on the App Store. That’s okay, because you’ve heard of it now and you should definitely go get it – it’s FREE.

The game first released on October 19th, 2010 and it took me until yesterday to just casually come across it while perusing the App Store. The title suggests exactly what you’d think, and the game is certainly made with retro gamers in mind. There isn’t much to Video Game Music Challenge 1: load it up, hear the tune and select which game it’s from. You have a set time limit to your play sessions, but guessing correctly will give you a few seconds of extra play and guessing incorrectly will penalise time from you.

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on every gamer’s iOS device. You can download the app directly from your handheld, or by following this link.


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Angelo's been playing video games since he was barely toilet trained, starting with the Sega Master System II and working to play as many games on as many different consoles as possible since. Having grown up studying music practically all his life it's no wonder how both have melded into being one of his favourite musical genres. You can follow him on Twitter @MangieV.