Available today: Halo 4 Volume 2 and Conclave Original Soundtrack

Today is a pretty big day for game music releases, which is something we don’t get to say too often.

First and foremost, the second volume to the Halo 4 soundtrack is out today, featuring 20 new tracks from Neil Davidge and Kazuma Jinnouchi. This second volume completes the already fantastic volume 1 with even more music that was previously unavailable, including an awesome remake of Halo 3’s “Never Forget.”

The soundtrack is available from both iTunes and Amazon MP3 for a digital download, or directly from halo4soundtrack.com which has even more info about the soundtrack and its composers.

The other release for today is the Conclave Original Soundtrack from Sam Hulick (Mass Effect franchise).

Available at Bandcamp for just $4, the Conclave OST features some of Hulick’s strongest work to date. While obviously on a different scale and style from the Mass Effect franchise, the Conclave OST is more than worth the price of admission for fans of Hulick’s music. Also, Conclave hit Bandcamp’s number 1 spot for the best-selling soundtrack list for today, so obviously the world agrees – IT BE GOOD.


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